Provad Oy selected Polaris Business Park for its office space out of over twenty options.

Provad Oy has modern, comfortable and even playful office spaces in the Capella building at Polaris Business Park. The company moved to Polaris in 2012. Their CEO, Jyrki Narvanto and Chairman of the Board, Tomi Korpaeus tell us that they went over more than twenty office sites in the capital city region. Out of all of these, Polaris proved the winner. "The location works very well and the business park concept, with all of its services, suits our needs. We have lots of space at our disposal here, so as our company is constantly growing, even an increase in the number of work stations is not a problem," Narvanto says.

In the comfortable, living room-style space in the middle of the office, they have sofas and a swing, a fun rally simulator and a large screen with a real-time feed of the office in Tampere. The space is a strong display of how much the company wants to invest in the enjoyment and wellbeing of their staff. Bright colours, stylish and ergonomically correct furnishings as well as inspiring meeting spaces create a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere in which staff are more than happy to work. Provad has also invested in the acoustics and break spaces of their multi-space office.

"Our office at Polaris is ideal as we make active use of the broad service concept. We are active users of the restaurant, office, mailing, cleaning and gym services, among others, and they give us the opportunity to concentrate on our own core business without any interruptions," Korpaeus praises.

"Our customers visit our offices very often as we love to give face-to-face presentations on our products and services. It's easy for them to find us at Polaris and parking has worked out smoothly," Narvanto says.

"There's a good atmosphere at Polaris Business Park. We've been very satisfied and that's why we decided to stay here at Polaris, even after needing to move into a larger space. We'd recommend Polaris, without a doubt!"


Jyrki Narvanto, CEO, Provad Oy

Tomi Korpaeus, Chairman of the Board, Provad Oy


Provad Oy helps its customers meet their customers. Customer service development and solutions for customer service environments are Provad's specialty.