For PartyLite Oy, their location at Polaris Business Park supports their goals and everyday work. That's why PartyLite decided to renew its rental agreement at Polaris.

PartyLite Oy's comfortable office space is located in the Castor building at Polaris Business Park. The large windows open up onto the green views of Leppävaara.

Head of Administration and HR, Ritva Sillanmäki says that PartyLite's employees have enjoyed working at Polaris very much. The building includes a nice lunch restaurant and there is enough parking space available for tenants. The Business Park's gym is used regularly by company staff.

"We especially appreciate the great reception service!"

Some of the company's staff take public transit to work, while some use their own vehicles. This works well in terms of Polaris' location, as Leppävaara has great transit connections from many directions. There are many types of services located near the office, including a hotel. "Staff and consultants from the company often visit our offices. It's practical to have hotels available right next to the office," Sillanmäki says.

The open, multi-space office is suitable for many types of use, both for daily office work or even a party. For example, PartyLite has a tradition of celebrating Christmas with a traditional office Christmas breakfast, at which time there is a beautiful table set for thirty people in the common area of the office, complete with candles and decorations. All of these being their own products, of course.

"Polaris Business Park is an enjoyable environment and its services support our work very well. We've enjoyed being here very much!"

Ritva Sillanmäki, Head of Administration and HR, PartyLite Oy

PartyLite is the global leader in direct sales selling candles, candle decorations, flameless scented products and scented lanterns as well as event and interior decoration products in 23 countries via its independent, PartyLite consultants. The Nordic headquarters of PartyLite is located at Polaris Business Park.