Satisfied customers

Factors in workplace wellbeing include flexibility, community spirit and inspiration – Polaris Business Park offers all of these to its tenants. At Polaris, the spaces improve the flow of information and spontaneous encounters, ensure comfort and allow you to be social. Our numerous satisfied business customers have found their very own office spaces under Polaris' roof, here are just a few of them.



For PartyLite Oy, their location at Polaris Business Park supports their goals and everyday work. That’s why PartyLite decided to renew its rental agreement at Polaris.


Provadin Jyrki Narvanto ja Tomi Korpaeus

Provad Oy selected Polaris Business Park for its office space out of over twenty options.

Reckitt Benckiser Nordic


Reckitt Benckiser has enjoyed their time at Polaris, having been tenants since 2012. Finding new premises for their staff became current for Reckit Benckiser recently, after a number of new hires.